My Holy Grail Face Brushes

Hi Everybody!

I have been loving a handful of my brushes for summer. There are certain brushes you just know will never let you down so I thought I would share my current holy grails!

Current Holy Grail Face Brushes
Current Holy Grail Face Brushes

Beauty Blender & Solid: I love this little sponge. I know there are a lot of more affordable versions of the beauty blender and I’ve tried a couple, but there is something about the technology of the beauty blender that I find cannot be replicated. The way that it blends out my foundation or concealer makes it look so natural, I love it. I got this solid as a 100 pt sample from Sephora and it is perfect for quick rinses of my brushes. I have heard however though that just a simple bar of soup works just in well!

Mac 125 Split Fibre: This was part of the Mac Wash and Dry collection and I thought the packaging was so cute. I ended up buying the face brush version of this first and thought the split fibre idea was so cool so I bought the contour brush as well. I think this brush is really great for both cream and powder products. I actually find this brush to be the only one I like when applying the MUFE Pro Bronze Fusion.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush: I’ll be honest and say I HATE the packaging of real techniques brushes. I am slightly OCD and like all of the brushes in my little brush cup to look nice and clean and pretty and this brush throws off everything. That being said it is my all time favorite for applying my foundation. I rarely use anything else. I LOVE this brush probably more than any other brush I own. The way that it applies my foundation is so flawless looking, I couldn’t ask for more. I especially like this over some other more typical foundation brushes because I feel that it doesn’t eat any product – whereas some of my denser brushes I feel like half of the product gets lost in the brush.

Sephora – Pro Domed Stippling Brush: I pretty much only use this brush with my cream bronzers, but it does suuuuuch a good job of blending out product it is great! This is easily my favorite way to warm up my face on just a day to day basis. I feel like this brush is really well made and is perfect for cream products.

Sephora – Pro Contour: I use this brush primarily for setting my under eyes. I think it is the perfect size and shape for getting powder in smaller spaces. I do also use it for contour because the tapered edge is great for getting into the hollows of your cheeks. This is prob my most used / versatile brush.

Zoeva – Face Shaper: This brush I use with my Kevyn Aucoin creamy glow duo (which by the way is the best contour product ever!). This brush is also great for cream products – and for contouring in general. It is the perfect size for precise placement

Zoeva – Silk Finish: When I am not using my beauty blender, I use this brush. I think it blends out product beautifully. It is super soft and yet dense enough to really blur out any clumps of product or harsh lines.

Zoeva – Powder: This is another one of my most used brushes ever. I think this brush is fantastic. It is large and great for powdering your entire face. It is extremely soft which is one of the main things I look for in a powder brush, and just does a great job of evenly applying powder. I also use this at the end of my makeup application for any finishing powder or to do one last little bit of blending.

Elf – Ultimate Kabuki: I got this brush online after hearing great things about it online. I think this was such a good purchase! Elf is so affordable and this brush has so many uses. I use it as an all over powder brush and also as a sort of bronze/contour brush as well. When I want a more natural / all over bronze look rather than an actual contour this is my go to. It is super soft and for the price you really can’t beat it!

Scout - sharing his favorite as well
Scout – sharing his favorite as well

Just for fun – thought I would share Scout’s favorite too as he was so eager to show it off 🙂

Let me know your fave brushes or recommendations!

xxoo Melissa

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