Makeup Geek – Shadow Swatches

Hello Everybody!

We have made it halfway through the week! I don’t know about you guys but this week has been going by so slowlyyyyyy.  So I thought to celebrate I would jump on here and give you a peak at my makeup geek shadow collection and let you know some of my all time favorite shades!

Makeup geek shadows are amazing! They are such a great value and are in all honesty probably my favorite eyeshadow formula. I also love that they come as single eyeshadows in just the pan because it makes them really mobile and perfect for travel. I have my large z-palette (as you’ll see) that I keep at home, but then I also have a smaller one that fits about 9 shadows that is perfect to take on the go!

named shadows.jpg
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

The shadows are $6 each, which compared to say a $10 MAC shadow is a great price for what I would say is a better formula. They also have literally EVERY shade you could think of – so what more could you want!

Check out some more detailed swatches below 🙂

I have my palette organized with the lighter shades on the left fading into the darker shades and then I have my shimmery shades in the top two rows with my matte shades underneath them.

1st row swatches.jpg
Top Row – swatches

Bling – Cool, cream colored shimmer

Purely Naked – shimmery tan

In the Spotlight – soft pink with coral undertones (this is their foiled formula #loves)

Cinderella – pale shimmery pink

Twilight – muted mauve-y purple

Mermaid – metallic teal with gold reflects (how amazing is this color!)

Shark Bait – blueish teal

2nd row.jpg
Second Row Swatches

Shimma Shimma – classic metallic champagne (this to me is a holy grail! I love this color SO much for just an every day pop of shine)

Glamorous – true shimmery bronze gold (awk that its spelled wrong up there! lolz)

Magic Act – light gold with a more champagne undertone (this is also the foiled shadow formula)

Brown Sugar – warm shimmery brown

Prom Night – pale grey purple with silver shimmer

Ocean Breeze – metallic deep blue

Houdini – deep almost navy base with emerald and teal reflects (this again is one of the foiled formulas – SO GORG)


3rd row
Third Row Swatches

Vanilla Bean – pale creamy beige with a very light shimmer (love for a brow bone highlight!)

Chickadee – matte yellow/orange (I LOVE adding a small pop of this color into the crease when doing a warm look or also mixing it with bitten to deepen up the outter v – so pretty! And such a unique color)

Frappe – warm brown with red undertones (my fave for the crease! – another holy grail)

Cocoa Bear – matte reddish brown (another one I love mixing with Bitten as a darker crease color!)

Bitten – deep maroon/red (suchhh a pretty color! I love the formula on this – it is SO easy to blend that even for me who typically HATES reds/pinks its one of my faves to lightly dust into my crease for some extra depth!)

Drama Queen – a true dark purple with a bit of sheen

4th row.jpg
Fourth Row Swatches

Peach Smoothie – light matte peachy beige

Beaches & Cream – natural beige with a hint of peach (this is HOLYY grail. I use this shadow everyday without fail – I love it because it is a great match with my skin tone, so I’ll use it as a transition color and to set any eyeshadow primer. It makes blending out any look SO much easier!)

Creme Brulee – warm sandy brown color (my absolute fave crease shade)

Barcelona Beach – cool toned sandy brown color

Latte – warm medium brown (another great one to deepen up any look – can you tell I love warm colors!)

Mocha – matte rich brown

Corrupt – true matte black (great for smoking out the lash line!)

My Makeup Geek Shadows

I hope you guys liked the post! Let me know your fave makeup geek shadows – or if you would like to see a look using some of my faves <3!

xxoo Melissa

2 thoughts on “Makeup Geek – Shadow Swatches

  1. Amazing post! I have only just started my first Z palette so will definitely be taking up some of your recommendations. So far Shimma Shimma is by far my favourite shade.
    Lucie xo |


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