Manicure Monday – Julep

Hello Everybody!

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to come on here to talk about a brand I have been LOVING recently. I tend to get gel manicures (because I literally chip my nails in 2 hours), but I saw an ad for them on my facebook page where I could get 3 nail polishes Free for my birthday month. I figured my nails needed a break from the gel polish anyway and the colors all revolved around my birthstone (aquamarine) which is basically my favorite color. So – Long story short, I signed up for the Julep Maven program.

Sign up for Julep’s Maven program here.

Sample options for the Julep Maven Box - image taken from their website.
Sample options for the Julep Maven Box – image taken from their website.

Essentially, the Maven program is a monthly subscription for $24.99/month (they also have a luxe version for $39.99/month). Each box comes with $40+ worth of products, which is a great value. This best part about it that makes it very different from other subscription services. You get to customize exactly what you get in each box! You also have the option to skip a month whenever you want – which I think is great in case you don’t want to spend the $24.99 that month. Being a Maven member also gives you discounts on all their products online!

Check out this month’s selection here – August – Muse Montreal Collection. *

Julep Polish in the shade Poppy.
Julep Polish in the shade Poppy, photo taken from their website.

Whether or not you join the program, you can buy their nail polish online in TONS of colors. I love the formula of these – they are all super opaque and really long lasting. The polishes are also 5 – free and cruelty free! If you are in the market for a new nail polish I highly recommend checking them out!

Random side note – in one of my boxes I got their “When pencil met Gel” Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner and LET ME TELL YOU – this eyeliner DOESN’T MOVE. It is so incredible – truly the longest lasting, smudge proof, eyeliner I have ever owned and I have super watery eyes so I typically end up looking like a raccoon 20 mins after I apply my eyeliner. It comes in a variety of colors and is only $16 (only $12.80 for Maven Members). I personally own the liner in 4 different shades, that’s how much I love it!

Hope you enjoy the post!

xxoo Melissa

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Yoga: Monday Morning Kickstart

I recently began doing yoga. I will admit I was terrified to go to my first class. I always envisioned yoga to be just a room of nimble, size 0, lululemon wearing blondes who can do headstands while drinking starbucks. Let me tell you, while I wasn’t far off (they’re not all blonde), I did love it.

Prior to beginning my Monday morning yoga class.
Prior to beginning my Monday morning yoga class.

Now while I am by no means a size 0 or nimble in any sense of the word, I found the class to be a great workout that just about any level of fitness can do! You can adjust the poses to fit your strengths and weaknesses really easily and my instructor was extremely helpful when it came time to do poses I had never heard of.

My personal favorite poses are:





Seated Twist:

These are great poses for beginners if you want to test out the waters before heading to a class! There are also tons of youtube videos you can watch in order to familiarize yourself with the poses – or even get a workout in at home.

For me it is not only about getting a good workout (without having to run) but also about the mental peace of mind that comes from a class. Every class ends with a couple of moments just focusing on your breath and releasing the tension in your muscles. I come out of class truly happy – feeling like a whole new person.

If you have been hesitant about getting yourself to a yoga class – GO FOR IT! I am extremely glad I did.