Subscription Week: Julep Maven August 2015

Hey Everybody –

Today I wanted to talk to you about a slightly different subscription box – the Julep Maven box! Julep has quickly become one of my favorite nail polishes and I have also really enjoyed a lot of their other beauty products. Their eyeliner is my holy grail (it literally does not move for hours!).

I particularly love this box because you can customize exactly what is inside and you can skip a month whenever you want! A typical Maven subscription is $24.99 (or $19.99 for a pre-paid three month subscription). You can custom create each box with $40+ worth of goodies. I also love that you can add in items to each box for super discounted prices! If you add 3 extras Julep will also throw in a free product!

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Subscription Week: BarkBox August 2015

Hi Everybody!

Today’s subscription box is BarkBox! Barkbox is another monthly subscription box – this time, just for your dog. The pricing depends on the option you pick; however, for a 6-mo subscription it ends up being $21 a month. Sign Up Here! 

Nala - ready to dig in to the August 2015 BarkBox
Nala – ready to dig in to the August 2015 BarkBox

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Subscription Week: BoxyCharm August 2015

Hey Everybody!

Moving along with the subscription boxes this month – today’s post is featuring BoxyCharm!

BoxyCharm is a little different than some of the other subscription boxes because it is $21. HOWEVER, you get 5 products that are typically ALL full sized (occasionally one will be a LARGE deluxe sample). I have never received a box that had under $100 worth of value within it which is just crazy!! This is hands down the best box for your money and provides some really great products. If you are thinking of subscribing to just one box, I think BoxyCharm is your best bet justt because of how incredible the value is.  Sign Up HERE!

BoxyCharm August 2015
BoxyCharm August 2015

So, lets take a look at what the August 2015 BoxyCharm came with!

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Subscription Week: Ipsy August 2015

Hey Everybody!

Next up for subscription week I thought we should talk about Ipsy. Similar to Birchbox, Ipsy is a $10 monthly subscription box that comes with 5 beauty samples (sometimes full sized items too!). Ipsy is also super cute because each month comes with a little reusable makeup pouch. The main difference that I have seen between the two is that Birchbox seems to be catered more toward “Beauty” overall – I get a lot more skincare & haircare products from them, whereas Ipsy is typically more makeup.

August 2015 Ipsy Bag
August 2015 Ipsy Bag

Sign up for Ipsy Here!

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Subscription Week: Birchbox August 2015

Hello Everybody!

It is my favorite time of the month!! Subscription week :).

This week I have lots to share but thought I would start out with my August 2015 Birchbox. For those of you who don’t know, Birchbox is a $10 monthly subscription box that sends you 5 beauty samples – anything from skincare to lifestyle samples.  Sign Up Here!

August 2015 Birchbox
August 2015 Birchbox

This month I opted to get the Candidly Nicole Guest Editor Box and was SO Excited for the goodies!

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Subscription Week (Dog Edition): Barkbox July 2015

Hi Everybody!

I thought I would mix it up a little bit today and share with you my dog edition of subscription week!

My Aunt's Dog - Nala - Ready for the fun to begin!
My Aunt’s Dog – Nala – Ready for the fun to begin!

I started getting some subscription boxes for myself and realized how much fun it is to get a little something new each month as sort of a surprise in the mail. I had gotten my dog a BarkBox before for Christmas – but was feeling generous so I signed him up for a 6 month subscription. We currently have 3 dog’s in our house and they LOVE the BarkBox each month. Sign up for Barkbox here!

July 2015 BarkBox
July 2015 BarkBox – Including:

My dogs LOVE the BarkBox – you can also customize it to your dog’s size. This month the pups got a great box. The box came with two squeaky toys – the elephant you can see above and a red cloth frisbee esk toy. They also got two containers of dog treats (totally don’t have the brand names because one of the animals chewed up the card with all the details – typical!). Lastly, the box came with a beef kneecap that I know all the dogs will be fighting over at some point in the near future.

Nala - enjoying the July 2015 BarkBox
Nala, all smiles, enjoying the July 2015 BarkBox

BarkBox is a great subscription service for when you feel like spoiling your dogs. I think it is great to order a single box here and there for special occasions like christmas and birthdays!

xxoo Melissa

Subscription Week: Boxycharm July 2015

Hi Everybody,

The last beauty subscription box for the month I have to share with you is Boxycharm. Boxycharm is a little different than Ipsy and Birchbox as the price is $21. However, you get A LOT for your money. Each box comes with 5 items and they are usually all full sized (sometimes you get one LARGE deluxe sample). Each box usually has over $100 worth of products in it as well – SO IMPRESSIVE.

July 2015 Boxycharm
July 2015 Boxycharm

Anyway, now for the goodies in this month’s box!

July 2015 Boxycharm : Product Details Below
July 2015 Boxycharm : Product Details Below

This month’s box included the following products:

Vasanti Professional Blush Brush – $29 Value: This brush is pretty small. I don’t know that I will use it for blush but it is a great brush for powder under the eyes or even a contour. I don’t know that I would pay $29 dollars for it but it is extremely soft and seems like a great brush! I always love getting brushes in my boxes 🙂 always so fun to try them out.

yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder – $26 Value: I have already tried this as a concealer setting powder and it is amazing! It is extremely brightening and made my under eyes look ready to go the entire night out!. Highly recommend – and a great product in this box! It might even be my favorite this month.

OFRA Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil – $13 Value: I tried this product already as well – I am waiting for my brow wiz replacement in the mail! I think this product is ok… not my favorite for a brow pencil because it is pretty creamy. I personally like my brow pencils to be a little waxier. I think this would actually be a great eyeliner and the brown color is ideal for a natural look.

MDMflow Mascara – $35 Value: This product has been in the UK (I thinkkk) and is now being introduced to the US through boxycharm. I used this last night on top of my Loreal telescopic and find it to be a super thin formula. I think this would be great for a “no makeup , makeup” look just as a little eyelash tint. I don’t know that it would really add any volume or length though.

Gorge I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray – $29.95 Value: I also used this last night and OMG – the smell is sooo good. It has a coconut smell that I could literally bathe in. Sooo yummy. I can’t say as much about the effectiveness of the product. I think it did help to make my hair shiny and was useful as a heat protectant, but I don’t know that it did anything to make my hair softer feeling. Still LOVE the smell and will keep using it as a heat protectant and shine spray. I think my second fave product this month!

I am always sooooo impressed with my Boxycharm boxes. Packing $133 dollars worth of product into a box that costs $21. I call that a win everyday. So impressed and can’t wait to see what they bring next month!

Hope you enjoyed the post – sign up for boxycharm here.

xxoo Melissa

Subscription Week: Ipsy July 2015

Hey Guys!

I just received my ipsy bag (yayy!) and figured I would come on here and show you all what it included. I know before I signed up for any subscription services I did a lot of research into ipsy vs. birchbox vs. boxycharm – so hopefully this will help you out in your decision!

June 2015 Ipsy Bag
June 2015 Ipsy Bag

I ended up subscribing to all three (don’t judge me). After a couple months I unsubscribed from Birchbox – mainly because I got Shampoo in all three of the boxes I got – AFTER rating it 1 star. I have super high maintenance, intensely curly, frizzy and thick hair so a “thickening” shampoo is just not going to work for me. Anyway, I LOVE my Ipsy bag. This months bag is one of the best that I have received. I have found they are really upping their game with the brands and types of products they are giving out. Subscribe to Ipsy here.

June 2015 Ipsy Bag Products - see below for details
June 2015 Ipsy Bag Products – see below for details

In the June 2015 Ipsy Bag I received the following products (clockwise starting with the tweezers – if looking at the picture above):

Crown Brush – Professional Tweezers: I was super excited about these because I figured I could keep them in my purse for emergency touch ups. However, I went to go try them this morning and they are to put it bluntly – very blunt / non effective. I could see myself using them for non tweezing purposes, but the points simply do not come together tight enough to do anything helpful to my eyebrows :(. Sad because they are so cute.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics – Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner: I have a lot of chapstick so I wasn’t super excited about this product. That being said, can you ever really have too much chapstick. This product smells great and is pretty conditioning on the lips. It also provides UV protection which is HUGE for me – and is 100% cruelty free!

Bare Republic Naturals – SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Face Sunscreen Lotion: I have a lot of tinted sunscreens/moisturizers that I have gotten in my subscription boxes. They are great for travel and for days you don’t want to put any foundation or heavy makeup on.

Tarte – Park Avenue Princess Bronzer: I was most excited to get this in my bag! I have heard great things about it and was debating buying the full size version anyway. When I saw this I was so excited! The sample size is pretty large and its perfect for travel! I wore this bronzer today in the areas I would normally contour as a way to warm up the face and so far I am loving it.

Ofra Cosmetics – Bliss Eyeshadow: I was actually not super excited about this product but once I saw it in person I was so excited! This is the PERFECT everyday color that I wear non stop. I put it on this morning after popping it into my z palette and I don’t know if I will ever use another shadow again. It is sooo pretty – you could even use it as a highlight on your cheekbones too!  Def exceeded my expectations.

Overall, I was super impressed with getting Tarte in this months bag – I think for $10 the amount of product and quality of product you get is amazing. I am super happy and can’t wait for next months bag!

If you are not yet subscribed and want to try it out – Click Here! I highly recommend Ipsy over other subscription services if you like makeup. The $10 price tag can’t be beat and I think the sample size / quality is better than other services I’ve tried.

If you would like to see any of these products used in a look – or have any questions about Ipsy let me know!

xxoo Melissa