Subscription Week: BarkBox August 2015

Hi Everybody!

Today’s subscription box is BarkBox! Barkbox is another monthly subscription box – this time, just for your dog. The pricing depends on the option you pick; however, for a 6-mo subscription it ends up being $21 a month. Sign Up Here! 

Nala - ready to dig in to the August 2015 BarkBox
Nala – ready to dig in to the August 2015 BarkBox

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Subscription Week (Dog Edition): Barkbox July 2015

Hi Everybody!

I thought I would mix it up a little bit today and share with you my dog edition of subscription week!

My Aunt's Dog - Nala - Ready for the fun to begin!
My Aunt’s Dog – Nala – Ready for the fun to begin!

I started getting some subscription boxes for myself and realized how much fun it is to get a little something new each month as sort of a surprise in the mail. I had gotten my dog a BarkBox before for Christmas – but was feeling generous so I signed him up for a 6 month subscription. We currently have 3 dog’s in our house and they LOVE the BarkBox each month. Sign up for Barkbox here!

July 2015 BarkBox
July 2015 BarkBox – Including:

My dogs LOVE the BarkBox – you can also customize it to your dog’s size. This month the pups got a great box. The box came with two squeaky toys – the elephant you can see above and a red cloth frisbee esk toy. They also got two containers of dog treats (totally don’t have the brand names because one of the animals chewed up the card with all the details – typical!). Lastly, the box came with a beef kneecap that I know all the dogs will be fighting over at some point in the near future.

Nala - enjoying the July 2015 BarkBox
Nala, all smiles, enjoying the July 2015 BarkBox

BarkBox is a great subscription service for when you feel like spoiling your dogs. I think it is great to order a single box here and there for special occasions like christmas and birthdays!

xxoo Melissa