About Me

me and doof b&w

Melissa Hillberg:

LittleMissMelis is a source of inspiration that covers everything from makeup and hair tricks to travel and delicious food. I hope to help other working girls add a little fun to their lives!

Who is Melissa?

I’m just a girl who had very little glam in her day to day life. After graduating from college in New York, I moved back to San Francisco and began working full time. My day to day consists of regularly working 12 hour days in a dingy cubicle. After spending a couple of years at my current accounting firm, I knew I needed to start doing something in my personal life that made me happy – other than cuddling with my dog (I mean really, how cute is he).

I started this blog after becoming introduced to the online beauty community by a coworker. I was immediately drawn to makeup tutorials, fashion and lifestyle blogs, pinterest boards, and even instagram accounts. Everyday after work I would spend hours on youtube and pinterest looking for fun ways to spice up what little free time I had.

I love the idea of treasuring the “little things in life” – whether that’s a new hairstyle, a bright coral lipstick, a dress you never thought you could pull off or even a new recipe (for you or your pup). What’s the harm in trying! My rescue dog, Buster (or “little doof” as I call him), taught me a lot about finding happiness. If he can wake up every morning with a smile and wagging tail after all he had been through, why couldn’t I. I realized life is too short to do what other people want – live by your own rules. If you’re happy that happiness will infect those around you. If I can inspire just one person to take a risk, have a little fun, and become more comfortable with themselves, my mission here is complete :).

I hope you follow along and enjoy a little bit of happiness everyday!

xxoo Melissa

Contact Me: littlemissmelisPR@gmail.com

Instagram: melishillberg

Twitter: melishillberg

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