Drugstore Haul – Ft. L’Oreal Infallible, Girlactik & Maybelline

Hi Everybody!

This past weekend I was looking at the Giorgio Armani “Eyes to Kill” shadows and really debating trying them – HOWEVER, I heard that the L’Oreal Infallible shadows were essentially dupes – so I thought I would give those a try first! I had also been hearing good things about Girlactik and wanted to take a look at the range. They sell Girlactik at some Rite Aid stores. While I was at Rite Aid I also picked up a couple other things – check it out below:

My Rite Aid Haul
My Rite Aid Haul

Maybelline Lipsticks:

Maybelline Lipsticks
Maybelline Lipsticks
Maybelline Lipsticks
Maybelline Lipsticks In Mauve Mania & Craving Coral

Maybelline has some of my fave drugstore lipsticks! The formula is long lasting, pigmented, and wears really evenly all day!

POP Beauty – Lipgloss:

Pop Lipgloss
Pop Lipgloss
Pop Lipgloss
Pop Lipgloss – Honey Rose & Peony Petal

I have never heard anything about these but was immediately drawn to the packaging. I swatched these in the store and thought these colors were so pretty! The gloss is super pigmented and not overly sticky, great for everyday wear.

Girlactik – Matte Lip Paint & Gloss:

Girlactik – Matte Lip Paint in Starlet & Gloss in Bella

I wanted to try out one of the Girlactik Matte Lip Paints as I have heard a lot of good things about them. I chose the shade Starlet as it is a great everyday pink. Because I am a little crazy / OCD – I like having things in pairs so I decided to pick up a gloss as well. I thought this Bella shade was sooo pretty. The perfect touch of color on the lips with tons of shine! I really love this shade. I will say though that Girlactik is not cheap, it’s actually more along the lines of MAC pricing, which is why I didn’t want to try out more of the range. It does seem like good quality though and I have heard really great things, so I am excited to use these :).

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush:

Maybelline Blush
Maybelline Blush
Dream Bouncy Blush in
Dream Bouncy Blush inOrchid Hush & Coffee Cake

I’m not totally sure what drew me to these blushes. I haven’t heard anything about them but I thought these colors were pretty and very different from anything I had in my collection. I wanted to sort of branch out my blush range & figured I would give these a go! After purchasing I tried to look them up a little bit online and they have gotten very mixed reviews. I think the trick is figuring out the best way to apply them because they can be a little tricky.

L’Oreal Infallible Shadows:

Infallible Shadows
Infallible Shadows
Infallible Shadows in
Infallible Shadows in Endless Pearl, Iced Latte, Eternal Sunshine, Amber Rush, Bronzed Taupe, Bottomless Java

I am obsessed with these shadows. As soon as I swatched them, they became some of my all time favorites. The formula, pigmentation, and overall shine that comes with them is so gorgeous. My personal favorites are Iced Latte and Amber Rush, but really you cannot go wrong with any of these. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to try them!

Overall, I am super excited about these product and can’t wait to keep using them. I will post an “All Drugstore Look” later this week showcasing some of these products in case you are interested in seeing them on!

xxoo Melissa

6 thoughts on “Drugstore Haul – Ft. L’Oreal Infallible, Girlactik & Maybelline

  1. I’m going to have to try these infallible eyeshadows now; the swatches look great. But more than anything else that Mauve Mania lipstick looks like it will be PERFECT for fall.


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